About us

The Story Behind Visit & Go:

The idea behind “Visitngo.com” has been brought to satisfy a dire need in the travelling industry. It all started when the founders of Visit & Go were having lunch at a cafe next to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium; it happened that they ran into a tourist who lost his way and couldn’t find an Arabic online service to find his way to Toledo, and who the founders of Visitngo.com helped him in finding it, eventually!. Consequently, the founders of Visitngo.com set out to thoroughly study and research the market; they found that there is a growing need to set an online platform to offer service and help to, not only Arab travellers but also English-speaking travellers, as well.

Our mission:

We want to inspire the Middle Eastern travelers to travel more by offering interesting tours and activities everywhere and anywhere, Things To do that match their needs, budget, and culture. We help travelers to enjoy new experiences and create unforgettable memories.

Our vision:

Our vision is to help bring people together to share, learn, inspire and discover …We also want to be the first site in the minds of travellers when searching the web for inspiration, planning and booking tours and trips. We want to get a better price for travellers and give them access to unrivalled variety of the best tours in the world as well as the freedom to design their own tours completely from scratch … We aim to increase the number of travellers from the middle east to different places in the world; besides, we seek reshaping the Arab World’s mindset regarding travelling by offering valuable, comprehensive and varied services.. Simply, we want to be the number #1Platform for booking the world best trips!

Core Values:

Influence: TIbn Batuta, a Moroccan scholar and geographer, who widely travelled the Medieval World, had once said that travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller, this is exactly what we aim to achieve through our various and high-quality services.

Innovation: We use modern and cutting-edge technologies to create new and customized travelling experience

Diversity: We have a team of diverse culture that is committed to deliver various activities in over 600 destinations

Service Excellence: We spare no effort to ensure offering the best and most useful experience to our customers at affordable prices and with on the spot booking confirmation.

It’s a tiny spot of this planet that one can discover in a lifetime, but travelling is always the optimum solution for this problem, as reading and watching documentaries have never been able to replace the indescribable and incomparable pleasure of travelling.

If you are still looking for the best place to spend your vacation or enquire about the best things to do in a particular country, Visit & Go.com is simply what you are looking for, for it covers more than 130 countries with more than 600 destinations, and more than 7000 bookable tours.

Why us?


1- Arabic Online Travel Platform: First and only online marketplace specialized in Things To Do in Arabic.

2- B2B: First online aggregator for tours and activities in Arabic langauge in MENA.

3- Solos & Groups: We offer a variety of trips and visits that are suitable for individuals and groups of all ages.

4- Social impact: We enable small and medium-sized companies to become online and get a new revenue stream.

5- No Hidden Charges: We offer valuable tours and trips with reasonable prices. Our team are doing their best to get you the best offers without any hidden fees.

6- Instant booking confirmation: We offer thousands of tours and trips with immediate confirmation, just fill in the form and you will get confirmation via email.

7- 24/7 customer service: We care much for the quality of our services and our customer care team works 24 hours / 7 days a week.

8- Safety & Protection: We strive to achieve maximum security and protection for everyone uses our services.